You can place open offers on NFTs that are minted on ZORA without a reserve price. Once you place your offer it will be up to the owner if they decide to accept it or not.


  • Click onto the NFTs page

  • Click "Place Offer"

  • Choose the currency and amount of your offer.

  • Input your resale royalty amount

  • To continue, Click "Make your offer"

  • Your wallet will prompt you to confirm the amount you are bidding and will display the amount of gas required to complete the transaction.

  • Click "Confirm" and wait for your transaction to succeed

  • Success 🎉 Once your transaction has succeeded, your offer has been placed.

You can track your "open offers" via the Bids button at the upper right side of the page. Up until your bid being accepted you can choose to remove your offer at any time. Instructions on how to remove your bid

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