If you have an NFT that has previously been minted and is currently listed as an open auction, we have provided the option for you to change how it is listed.

Even if the NFT has bids placed on it already, creators can choose to change it from an open auction to a reserve auction.

What happens to the bids on NFTs that have changed to a reserve auction?

Collectors can decide to keep their active bids on the NFT or choose to remove their bid at any time. If the reserve price is higher than any of the bids, collectors can choose to match the reserve price which will trigger the 24-hour auction.

How to set an existing NFT to reserve auction:

  • Click onto the NFTs page you want to update

  • Click "List for Sale" button under the NFT

  • Click on the option you want to choose to list your NFT

  • After confirming how your NFT will be listed, your connected wallet will prompt you to confirm the transaction and pay a gas fee to complete the process.

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