Once your NFT has been minted and you have chosen to list your NFT with a "Buy it now" price, you will be asked to set a price and currency for your sale. When choosing a price it is helpful to remember that once the price you set has been met, the ownership of the token will be transferred to the new owner instantly. Collectors are still able to bid below your set price, however you will be able to accept or reject those bids.

As the creator you are able to change the "Buy it now" price as many times are you like, although please be aware that there is a gas fee associated with each time you update the price.

How to set the "Buy it Now" price:

  • Choose the option to set a "Buy it Now" price

  • Select the currency and amount you would like to receive for this piece

  • Click "Confirm"

  • After you confirm the reserve price, your connected wallet will prompt you to confirm the transaction and pay a gas fee to complete the process.

  • The gas fee will be charged from your wallet.

  • You will receive confirmation that your NFT has been listed with your chosen price and currency.

    On the same confirmation page you are able to directly share your minted NFT to your twitter account. We recommend sharing your work for your followers and other creators to explore.

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