Your wallet is connected, your account is set up and your wallet has ETH. Here comes the best part! Minting your NFT and releasing it into the world it for others to experience.

  • First Step: Click on the “Create” button at the upper right corner of the Homepage

  • Next, you will be taken to our Create Media page

  • On this page you will be asked to select the file type you are wanting to upload.

  • There are no file size limits when uploading onto ZORA. You may experience upload issues with larger .mp4 or . mov files when uploading your media via google chrome. We recommend using Safari or Firefox browsers as they don't have upload limits.

  • Click Continue

NFT Preview

  • A preview of your uploaded media will appear within the box to the right of the upload window.

  • How your preview appears, is how your NFT will show on the homepage and your profile.

  • Click Continue

Add Information

  • Input the name of your NFT into the section called "Name" * This is a required field

  • Add a description. This can be any information you want to explain or add to your NFT, which can include external links.

  • Click Continue

Please Note: Once an NFT has been minted you will not be able to edit or remove any of the information that is input in this section. If you decide you need to change or edit the information, you are able to burn your token and re-upload it. You are able to do this by following the steps on how to burn your NFT.

Pricing & Fees

  • Choose the percentage fee you would like to receive from all secondary sales of this NFT. * This is a required field

  • You are able to choose an amount between 0-100%.

  • Click Continue

What is the Resale Royalty?

The Resale royalty is a feature set by the creator of the NFT at time of posting. This feature is a percentage the creator will earn from each sale after the initial sale and transfer of ownership.

The percentage chosen at time of minting is the final percentage and cannot be changed after minting.

Finalize & Publish

  • Review all information is correct before you click to Finalize & Publish

  • Once you are ready to click Finalize & Publish, a gas fee will appear within your connect wallet, which will need to be paid in full to publish your NFT.

  • You will need to confirm the gas fee within your connect wallet.

  • Once you approve the gas fee for minting your transaction will be sent onto the blockchain. Please note: Gas prices are not set or collected by ZORA in any way. If you would like to learn more about what gas fees are how they work, click here.

  • Final step, is for your NFT to upload onto the platform. All you need to do is sit back and wait while our protocol mints your NFT onto the blockchain and will be published to the public. You are able to check the status of your upload by clicking the "View on Etherscan" link in your connected wallet.

  • Once your transaction has been accepted, your NFT will be minted and will appear on the ZORA Homepage and your creator profile.

Congratulations, You have just minted your first NFT on ZORA!

What’s next?

1. List for sale

Choose how your NFT is listed. You are given the opportunity to host your own 24-hour reserve auction or set a "buy it now" price. You don't have to choose to list your NFT for sale, and can choose to have it remain as an endless auction.

Would you like more information on how auctions work? Click Here

2. Promotion - Share a direct link your NFT!

Next to your NFT there is a direct link to share and/or download your NFT. You are able to share this to your social media profiles such as, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Make sure to tag our twitter and instagram so we can see and see your minted NFTs:

Instagram @our.zora

Twitter @ourZORA

3. Manage your bids

Keep track and manage all of the bids being placed on your NFT. This is where you can choose to accept a bid that has been offered on your media.

4. Manage your NFT

Want to burn or transfer your token? Clicking on the manage button will give you these two options.

  • Click Here for further information on how to burn an NFT.

  • Click Here for further information on how to transfer an NFT.

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